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Investment beyond Generations. We Should invest for a better world.
As is belief so is behaviour & so is life financial paln is your belief system

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Earn healthy No Daily Task Just Invest & Earn

Investment Date : 2017-05-23

Contract Expiration :

  • Daily : $
  • Monthly : $
  • Maturity Amount(after days) : $
  • Total : $

Invest For Better World

Investment beyond Generations.

Getting Started

Bitcoin is different than any currency you’ve used before, so it's very important to understand some key points.

Invest For Better World

Investment beyond Generations.

Get Bitcoins

Obtaining bitcoins works just like obtaining any other currency. You can sell something you already have for them.

Invest For Better World

Investment beyond Generations.


Your deposits and earnings are safe with us.let us take care of your worries of you.All you need to do is relax.

Our Plan



  • Amount $100, $200,$300
  • Daily returns 1% for 150 days
  • Direct Income 4%
  • Binary Income 8%
  • Daily Capping $100
Invest Now


  • Amount $500, $700, $ 1000
  • Daily returns 1.5% for 100days
  • Direct Income 5%
  • Binary Income 10%
  • Daily Capping $300
Invest Now


  • Amount $1500, $3000, $ 5000, $10000
  • Daily returns 2% for 75days
  • Direct Income 6%
  • Binary Income 12%
  • Daily Capping $500
Invest Now


Minimum withdrawal daily $20


Binary Ratio 2:1 or 1:2 (i.e.100:200) and 1:1 afterwords

Multiple Retopup

Multiple re top-up

Terms and Conditions

  • Before complitation periods of ROI dates top up should be with same promotion packages,premium package or professional upgrade packages.for qualify new ROI ,direct and binary income.
  • If your I'd top up only promotion package and power leg more than 25000$ in any one leg and your income below than 500$ in that case your I'd before renewal period dates you should top up your id with above premium or corporate package otherwise your I'd will be blocked permanently.
  • If top up or upgrade package not on time ids will be blocked permanently.
  • 10% service charge applicable for all ROI,direct income and binary income.
  • Renwal dates of before 120days from logging dates of promotion packages, if not Renwal on time pramotion package penalties are $40
  • Renewal dates of before 80days from logging dates of premium packages, if not Renewal on time premium packages penalties are $80.
  • Renwal dates of before 60days from logging dates of corporate package, if not Renewal on time corporate package penalties are $180
  • If all penalties not paid on time for all packages user id will be blocked permanently

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